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get to know the maze runner cast // ki hong lee (minho)

"@kihonglee That moment when ur trying to be all good on ur diet and a lady sits nxt to u eating a delicious pizza. #ilovepizza #help"

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The number of people to which I have wanted to say this to…

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When people ask me “What’s SO HARD about being a cashier?”


Well, let’s see. If you had to repeat yourself over and over, the same questions, every single day with every single customer, knowing that you’re going to get yelled at or brushed off, ignored or hear a bunch of complaining or conspiracy theories after you ask your questions but you HAVE to ask them- wouldn’t that be frustrating? To be put down just for doing your job?

It doesn’t stop there. How about being yelled at for things outside of your control? Like the prices of items, store policies, how other associates behaved, your manager’s behaviour, basic advances in technology (CARD READERS!!)- that’s all your fault and your responsibility according to customers.

There’s more. It’s bad enough you have to repeat yourself every day and get backlash for it, but how about hearing the same things from others everyday? “All these machines are different!” or “Why do I have to show my ID?!” or “This is SO much cheaper at Walmart!” not to mention the “jokes.. “It didn’t scan! It must be FREE!” or “I don’t need a bag! Let’s save a plastic tree! HUR HUR HUR!!” ………………….

Then there’s the disrespect that management gives you, that customers give you, and that fellow cashiers give you. You are the most “valuable part of the company!” but they treat you as if you have no value at all. If someone’s getting cut, it will most likely be you before anyone else. So… yeah… it’s a shit job where you get shat on every day.


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I literally just reblogged this two times in a row. No fucks given. This is the greatest post on tumblr.

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don’t call us subjects

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Family Reunion.

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Title: Vodka Chaser
Pairing: Dylan x Thomas
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,612
Notes: I haven’t written any fanfic in almost two years, so this is major. Um, yeah, I hope you enjoy! :P
Dylan invites himself for a nightcap, and then forgets to leave.

You have a girlfriend.

Thomas kept reminding himself of this, as if, somehow, those four words would make some kind of difference. They wouldn’t, they hadn’t, and they never did. He sat, knees pulled up to his chest, watching the other man from across the room. Caught up in a conversation with Ki Hong, Dylan wasn’t paying attention, too busy laughing and joking. So Thomas took the opportunity to observe him, dark eyes following his every move, a soft smile curving into his lips. He was well practised in this now, keeping his gaze fixed upon his friend without ever being noticed.

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@dylanobrien: “@CityOfIanOShea: @SangsterThomas What was it like working with @dylanobrien? #MazeRunnerChat” he loved it

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James McAvoy as Conor Ludlow in "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby" (2014)

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